This is where you should find answers to all your questions about our guild


# Do not swear, troll, snipe. put down or act vulgar on the guild channel. We are not trying to cut everything out, but keep in mind there may be younger players around and members who may be offended by things like vulgarity, racist jokes, or talking about religion or politics.  You will be WARNED ONCE and then booted if you do not cease.

# NO BEGGING - Especially in Public channels - You will get booted IMMEDIATELY if seen or reported to an officer/Guild Leader

# We expect everyone to treat each other with respect, and for you to work together as a team. If you see someone questing n the same region as you are, send them a tell and team up. Quests go much faster and are more fun that way and you get to know your fellow guildies better

# We do have a set of guild bank rules, everyone is expected to read and abide by them or you will have your bank privileges revoked.

#We do not allow people who share accounts as it is against Blizzard's ToS and YOU the account holder are responsible for ANYTHING that someone does on your account. We do not want to hear "My brother or kid got on my account and did that"

# Please show your team spirit by wearing the guild tabard. Yes you may wear a tabard you have earned in place of this to show personal achievement if you want.

# No Begging of money, dungeon runs, or quest help. This goes especially in trade/general chat. Of course you are encouraged to seek help but if there is nobody that can help, seek others or put it off for a later date.

# Most IMPORTANT rule of all is if you wish access to the bank and to be promoted above Auditionee, YOU MUST REGISTER ON THE Website!!! You MUST use your Main Toon's name as the User Name so we know who you are and it you have alts put your main toons "Alt (richardboone)" in the public notes, so they can get promoted also. There is a two week waiting period until you are promoted and all ranks are based on your Guild Rep.  If you have an authenticator, you will have greater access to material and allowed to use Guild Repair when you hit Honored status.



It is up to YOU to notify an officer or the guild leader when you are ready for the next level.

New Ranks are:

Auditionee (New - Neutral) - New Members - If not logged in over a month, will be the first to be booted to make room for new member when we hit the guild cap or while doing housekeeping.

On Tour - Must be Registered  - Members in the Military on Deployment or Out of the Game for a while.

Extra - Levels 1-110

Understudy - Levels 111-119

Star - Level 120

Prima Donna- Be Raid Ready**, Must sign up and show up for raids.  Gets first pick for raids.

Officers are Directors - Here to assist all guild members, they are in charge in the absence of the GL. (Must be nominated by another Officer).  All Officer Alts are titled Assistant Director.

Guild Leader/Producer - Over worked, under paid and does not get enough game time due to whispers and admin chores.



# When you take an item, you must deposit half of the average Auction House buyout of the item taken in gold/silver/copper or an item of equal value. The reason for this rule is to insure that there are always items available in the bank for guild members to benefit from.

#If there is a stack of an item, do not take the whole stack -- Hit shift right click on the item (Tasty Cupcake - you only need one).

# Do not deposit scrolls, water, food that does not have stat benefits, or items under level 20. This rule is quite simply because these items are readily available and we just don’t have the space to be able to house them.

# Do not take an item below your current level or more than 2 levels higher than your current level. This is quite simply because we have a LOT of players in the guild and it is unfair for one person to take an item they can’t use for 10 levels when there may be another toon who could use it next level. You are expected to remove an item with the toon you intend to use it with. This is because I check, and if I see a cloth wearer removing a plate item I do flag it as suspicious guild bank behavior.

# Do not remove items with the intention of disenchanting, selling or transferring to someone else. Items in the guild bank are there for the use of the guild. I go through the bank routinely, remove things that have sat there for too long or otherwise are not useful/need to be removed to make room for other items and deposit the amount that they vendored for or the mats from being disenchanted. The stuff that is in the bank is there for a purpose, don’t remove it unless you intend to USE IT.

# Violating these rules will result in removal from the guild. The Guild Leader and the officers are responsible for trying to make sure that the guild is fun for everyone, if one person is not following the rules and taking from the bank inappropriately, they are denying those items to the rest of the guild and benefiting unduly from the hard work of others. Thus in the best interests of the guild and out of respect for those who do work hard to do the right thing, Those who don’t follow the rules must be removed.

Raid Conduct


Kill Order is SKULL, CROSS, CIRCLE - CC (SHEEP or SAP) MOON, STAR - SQUARE = Freeze Trap

1. No complaining! Understand that you won't always be able to go on the run. The needs of the guild and make up of the team comes first. Understand that the loot you are looking for may go to someone else because they need it more than you do.

2. Know what you need. Visit WoW information websites like or to see what loot drops on each boss. When you're fighting the boss, be ready to speak up if an item you need drops. Be ready to know if you're going to use your need roll or if you're willing to wait for greeding on it.

3. Be on time. When the guild is scheduled to start at 12:00pm server time, you need to be online, at the instance and ready to go 15 minutes of 12:00pm. If you are late, a standby will be used in your place.

4. Be prepared. When the guild enters the instance, you need to have all of the food, supplies, reagents, ammunition, potions, elixirs and/or flasks that your character needs to be able to perform at peak efficiency. Know what you need, and don't expect to be able to do a reagents run halfway through the instance.

5. Be Geared!!! ranks your characters gear with a gear score. As of the time of this writing, you must have as a MINIMUM SCORE (This is a guide and the Raid Leader decides on who goes):

Heroics needs a mimimum of 329 average gear score (This will just get you in the portal)

Raids  needs a mimimum of 349 average gear score (This will just get you in the portal)

Remember, PVP gear will help in the short run but it is not helpful in PVE runs.

6. The guild will choose add ons and UI mods to help the raid. You need to know which ones the guild requires, and have them installed, updated and verified to be working. At this time we REQUIRE DISCORD!!!!,  Deadly Boss Mod.

7. Know your role(s). If you are expected to DPS, you should know how to do it well. If you are expected to tank, you should know how to keep and maintain aggro. You should be an expert at playing whatever class you enter the raid with.

8. Do not delay the team. Different from "be on time”, this rule simply means that we are there to get the job done and screwing around gets players anxious and impatient. A good example of this would be excessive AFK’s. (NO BAKING BROWNIES OR SHAMPOOING YOUR HAIR) We will break for Bio and snack breaks every other boss or once an hour. Raids will typically last 3 hours at the most.

9. Maintain your attendance. Everyone has life interfering with their game play now and then, and this is acceptable. After all, it’s only a game. Not being able to make runs however will affect the groups ability to reach their goals. If you can’t make a run that you are signed up to be on, let the Guild or Raid Leader know as early as possible. ALL NO SHOWS GO TO THE BOTTOM OF THE LIST AND WILL HAVE LAST PRIORITY FOR RUNS FOR TWO WEEKS!!!

10. Be loyal. Know that the goal of the guild is to get you better gear. As such, you are expected to help other people in the guild get better gear also. Running 10 and 25 man instances in groups other than the guild makes it harder for the team to reach their goals, if you are saved to another instance with out the guild.